June 20, 2009

the lakers championship victory parade ! 6/17/2009

as promised, heres the video from the lakers championship victory parade.

i woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning to pick up joy. and we were off to the los angeles memorial coliseum. we got off the exposistion park exit, and we were greeted with the mad street traffic. it took us about 40 minutes to get through 4 blocks to the parking lot.

we arrived at the place at 6am and the gates didn’t open up until 9:30. so we had to wait a couple hours, it’s a good thing people brought out those beach balls otherwise it would be one looooonnngg wait.

we get through in an orderly fashion and we rushed through the tunnels to go find a seat. and as soon as you enter the field, and you see how many laker fans there are in the stadium, you find yourself in awe. 96,000 + laker fans in one place and not to mention the fans outside in the streets. its crazy. but there were a lot of other stuff that went on at the coliseum, but you just have to watch the video.

overall it was a super fun day, but as soon as we got out, the traffic seemed just as bad or even worse than ever. it was a stand still in the parking lot for awhile. aside from that i got home, and then i knocked out. i was waaaaaayyyyyy too tired.

i shall make another video from what happened at niketown when trevor ariza went there. it should be up by tomorrow. iiiiiight y’all. peace!


June 16, 2009

On to the parade

as some of you may know, I was consumed by the lakers playoffs this past month and a half. and tomorrow is a big day! the parade down L.A. is going to be crazy. but we shall see. just wanted to say GOOO LAKERS! i will update the blog after tomorrow!. peace out for now.

May 22, 2009

Sia > GaGa

i still listen to her cd’s all the time. shes truly an amazing artist that not a lot of people know. but i dont care, cause i’d rather keep it that way.

May 15, 2009

i forgot to add this to the blog

basketball cards; it’s a weakness of mine.

i love the surprise of opening a box of cards in trying to find those big named cards like the jordan, the bryants, the lebrons and so on and so forth.

heres a clip of me and my friend jason (stimpyjd on youtube) showing what we both got from the boxes we opened. sorry if its not exciting. lol. but we think it is.

May 14, 2009

thank you heroes.

so its been a couple hours since the lost season finale showed. and i’ve been up going onto imdb just reading on forums on what people think of it. that show is the best. simple as that, and im going to be sad when it does go off the air next season. but really i must thank the show “heroes”, because of it’s crappy writing it made me start to watch lost. so thank you heroes.

i must go to sleep, maybe til 2010.

May 2, 2009

Popeyes Runs Out of Chicken in Rochester, NY

this is so unmercifully hilarious.


March 30, 2009

so i there was a contest on myspace to go to the rock the bells launch party. i did what they asked for which was to add rock the bells and myspace hip hop to their top 8 list. and then send them a screen capture of your profile to guerilla union. i did this on thursday or friday. and i was waiting by my computer to on verizon.net to check my email every hour. and hour after hour i didnt see anything on there. they were only accepting the first 100 people to do it. and by night time i practically gave up. on the guerillaunion.com page they also mentioned that they would also be releasing tickets to the public as well on the 30th.

so i wake up this morning to check out the ticketmaster event, how much and when the event would be. but the only thing listed was that it was at the key club in los angeles. and the tickets were 20 bucks. and so i was pretty much one button away from buying a pair of tickets. but i look at the total for a pair and it was a little over 65 for a pair including those rediculous service charges. so i thought about it and said fuck it, i wont go cause i didnt even know who was going to be on the bill. 

and now at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon i get a message on my email that says. re:R.S.V.P. from rsvp@guerillaunion. and my eyes just lit up.

click. open.




omg. tuesday will be awesome.